My questions for the anti nuke/anti NATO crowd.

What would a world without NATO or nuclear weapons look like? What I mean by this scenario is that all of the worlds nuclear weapons are disposed of and we somehow obtain non nuclear parity. What would would be the the state of play in terms of power and politics? Knowing what we know about human nature, is it not highly possible that in this scenario, those countries with homogeneous peoples’ led by nationalistic strongmen wouldn’t look upon the nations of Europe, culturally non-homogeneous, lukewarmly patriotic countries dominated in popular feeling by the anti violence, anti war left and see a massive opportunity to expand their territory at the expense of nations who likely would not have the stomach, or the togetherness to rise to the fight? No matter how justified that action was.

I believe that would be the case. The only way a continent as liberal and fractious through self inflicted policy as Europe is able to exist in the global arena is by maintaining its current position at the top of the global political pile. One of the ways it can do this is use its comparative wealth to ensure it’s military capabilities are supreme enough, when banded together in a defensive coalition, to dissuade would be aggressors of the merits of attacking. The other way is to have the ultimate deterrent, in the form of nuclear weapons. So my final question given this point is, do you really expect me to vote for a man who wants to dismantle our nuclear capacity and would rather see us out of NATO with our defensive budget slashed to boot? I want to raise a family one day, who can have the pleasure of experiencing a liberal, tolerant society and in order for those societies to exist they need to be defended first and foremost. That defence should not be taken for granted.


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