So at present it is a conventional principle amongst the general populace that open borders, unfettered immigration is the moral choice. Anyone who even hints that Britain and it’s working class would be better served with controlled borders is shouted down as the wannabe heir to the Third Reich. It has become the emotional rather than the rational position to believe that all immigration is positive to Britain, there are no downsides and anyone who disagrees is a sub human racist who deserves to be ostracised from society in order to maintain its purity. Sounds drama filled and ridiculous doesn’t it? And yet that’s how it is for many on this topic.

When did tolerance become only tolerance for a particular viewpoint? When did free speech become anathema to the ‘good side’. If I was to turn around to you and say that open borders benefit big companies at the expense of the working class what would you say? If I said that an open border policy floods a wealthy country with a multitude of workers giving big business a wealth of choice to pick from for a particular role, thereby driving down wages, because there is a huge pool of choice, what would you say? 

It is simple supply and demand economics. If there are only a few people who have the skills to perform a particular job, then companies will compete for their skills by offering more money for the role they fulfil. If there are huge amounts of people who can perform that role because the market is saturated with labour, wages will decline, because power shifts to the company. They can choose from a huge pool of people who are the very elite at their role and everybody else falls by the wayside. 

The middle classes who are secure in their jobs, earning more than enough for subsistence, keep sneering at the working classes who complain that the jobs market is so saturated that they cannot compete effectively for jobs that provide a stepping stone to a better future. The argument becomes, that if you cannot compete with foreign labour, it is your own fault and you should have worked harder in the past. This argument comes from the left wing of politics. The left wing who are supposed to be the beacon for working class people. 

Let’s knock the morality out of the pro immigration camp. If you accept that uncontrolled immigration benefits UK companies by providing them with the best talent possible, you simultaneously admit that the UK deprives another country of that talent at a benefit to the UK. Your argument becomes that of a patriot. If a doctor from Ghana moves to the UK for a better standard of living, he/she deprives Ghana of the services he/she could provide that would benefit Ghana and aid the development of that country to enable parity with Britain so that its’ citizens wouldn’t need to move abroad for a better life.

How myopic is it to suggest that because the UK currently offers a better standard of living than most other nations, that we should open the borders and accept unlimited amounts of people, until it gets to the point where Britain is bulging at the seams and on the brink of impoverishment, destroying that nation, whilst providing a detrimental effect to poorer nations who need the skill force to develop? 

You are literally advocating the impoverishment of both the wealthy nations and poorer ones based on an emotional instinct and one that derives from a misreading of current misgivings over the migration situation. All because anyone who disagrees with you is a racist based on the left-wing indoctrination that you received from your biased education.



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